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IPL Latest Updates

A lot has been happening over Indian Premier League (IPL) 2010 for the past few months. Lot of security concerns, participation of Australia in IPL, and the need to save power etc has been going on for months now. The IPL latest updates are ringing in our ears often to give us the apt atmosphere before the tournament begins on March 12, 2010.
IPL will create new brands in the market : IPL is a big platform to launch big brands in the market. This mode of cricket and its link to launch these new brands in the international arena is a huge possibility. In 2008 alone, nine new brands were launched in the market through IPL.
This huge strategic step to bring forth big brands in the forefront through IPL sometimes might be tricky as they get overexposed and brand property might get diminished. But the IPL coordinators are confident of such a happening and is looking forward eagerly to the 2010 IPL tournament.

IPL security measures are not enough : The IPL 2010 tournament will see 60 games organized in 12 cities in a span of 45 days starting from March 12. The Australian Cricketers' Association is not yet confident of the security measures in the matches (through an authentic report). Skepticism still exists and it is highly awaited as to what further measures shall be taken.

IPL to stay in India : Another latest news in IPL states that the commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Lalit Modi has revealed that although players and their associations remained skeptic about the security matters, yet IPL will be hosted in India itself and not to be shifted to some other country.

Urge to save power during IPL matches : Most of the IPL matches, starting March 12 till April 25, will be held after 3pm IST. An NGO, in this respect, has urged and placed a petition to the Supreme Court that the matched be held during day time for saving power and also minimize global warming to that effect. As it is slated to be held during the night hours, there will be rampage power cuts in many cities. No decision has yet been taken on the same.

New Zealand cricketers wary over IPL security : It has not been decided yet whether the New Zealand players would be traveling down to India for the IPL matches 2010 owing to security reasons. The threat concerns put the players in a dilemma whether it shall be the right decision to participate in such a mega sports event like the IPL tournament even after repeated loopholes in security being pointed out.

Tickets for Nagpur and Cuttack matches : The sale of tickets for the Nagpur and Cuttack matches will start from next week. A lot of effort has been going on in this regard.

Security arrangements for IPL : Lalit Modi has stated that security is the top most concern during IPL matches. The South Africa Cricket CEO is the one who is most satisfied with the security arrangements.

These are the latest IPL happenings from the Indian and overseas market. Security remains a major concern, while it is left for the common mass to see whether adequate precautions are taken in this regard. Come March 12, 2010 and all eyes on this mega sports event (IPL) to see the success among the Indian and overseas players.
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